Terms and conditions

The conditions indicated here govern all bookings and purchases of the Products sold by the travel agency De Bortoli Travel on the website www.debortolitravel.com.

To purchase the products sold on www.debortolitravel.com it is necessary to accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Only the text written in Italian has legal relevance since the text in the other languages is a mere translation of the one in Italian.


Customer: indicates the final buyer.

Product (s): indicates travel services; such as: tours, guided tours, excursions, transfers, hotels, ticketing services and other tourist services that can be booked and purchased on the web portal www.debortolitravel.com.

Web portal: indicates www.debortolitravel.com.

ADV: indicates the Travel Agency, specifically the De Bortoli Travel agency affiliated to the Info Holidays Group Network, with headquarters in Punta Sabbioni, via Fausta 5 / A, CAP 30010 Cavallino-Treporti (VE), CF./P. VAT 04098570270.

Supplier (s): indicates the Supplier (s) of the tourism services component of the Product.

Voucher: indicates the issued document proving the purchase and payment of the Product (s).

Starting point: indicates the meeting place where the guided tour starts or the service purchased.

Protection of personal data

The ADV undertakes to process the Customer’s data in compliance with the law 196 of 2003 (Privacy Code), of any future revision or law replacing it and of any other applicable legislative provision. The data provided will be used exclusively for communications relating to the activities of the portal www.debortolitravel.com, in full protection of the rights and confidentiality of the interested parties, excluding the transfer to third parties. The data relating to payment by credit card will be deposited and managed by the competent banking institutions that will treat them according to their security and confidentiality criteria.

Law and jurisdiction

The following conditions are governed by Italian law. The Court of Venice, Italy, will have exclusive jurisdiction and competence for any disputes related to these conditions. Nevertheless, De Bortoli Travel reserves the right, if it deems it necessary, to be able to take legal action before courts of countries or cities other than Italy or Venice to protect its interests and enforce its rights.

Prices and Payment Methods

The prices shown on the web portal are inclusive of taxes, services and any fees for the use of the credit card except for the presence of different specifications duly highlighted.

The prices shown on the web portal are calculated in Euros (€).

The prices shown on the web portal are per person or per service, unless different specifications are duly highlighted.

In order for the booking to be valid, full payment is required.

It may happen that the price of a Product on request, at the time of purchase, is different from that indicated at the time of booking due, for example, to poor availability of the Product. In this case, the Customer has the right not to confirm the purchase request without penalty.

In some cases, depending on the type of product and the vendor’s sales methods, minors may have reductions or payment exemptions. This option is indicated on the web portal at the time of booking. In the event that a certain Product does not have such facilities, minors will pay the full price.

The Product (s) can be paid exclusively by credit card; accepted credit cards are indicated during the payment procedure.

The purchase of the Product (s) and their confirmation takes place directly online. The credit card data do not come into the possession of the ADV as the payment procedure takes place through a procedure protected by a secure line (SSL).

As soon as a booking is confirmed, the system will send an e-mail notification of the booking. (allows you to download the voucher from the booking confirmation screen). The same Voucher will also be sent via email to the address declared by the Customer; expected time: about 10 minutes. If the customer does not receive the confirmation email, he can contact the web portal at info@debortolitravel.com requesting the sending of the confirmation via email. After completing a reservation, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that they are in possession of the Voucher. Debortolitravel.com assumes no responsibility in the event of failure to read the e-mail and to those who declare with delay that they are not in possession of the Voucher. Debortolitravel.com operates with an automatic email system.

A single voucher will be delivered for the product (s) purchased. All the Products shown on the Voucher will be supplied by the Supplier, it will provide the regular ticket and / or regular receipt.

Cancellation policies

Reservations awaiting confirmation:

Cancellations of reservations pending confirmation are not subject to any penalty.

Cancellation of reservations before payment:

Reservations canceled before payment is made are not subject to any penalty.

Cancellation of reservations after payment:

Any refund of the booking can only be made on the credit card with which the payment was made. Refunds will be made in the currency in which the booking was paid (€). To cancel the reservation write to: info@debortolitravel.com.


Cancellations within 72 hours from the date of the booked service you will be able to get the total refund of the amount paid with the debit of the transaction costs by crediting the credit card used for the payment.

Cancellations within 48 hours from the date of the booked service you can get a refund equal to 50% of the amount paid with the debit of the transaction costs by crediting the credit card used for payment.

Cancellations with an advance less than 48 hours from the date of the booked service NO REFUND will be possible.


In each tourist facility that can be booked on the web portal, a deadline of 5 days before the booked date can be established (date of arrival of the customer at the facility). The deadline for the cancellation of a reservation is clearly indicated both in the web Portal before completing the booking. If the cancellation deadline is prior to the booking creation date, the service is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Cancellation before the deadline will result in a penalty of, at most, 80% of the amount paid by debiting transaction fees by crediting the credit card used for payment. The ADV will decide, on a case-by-case basis, the percentage appropriate to the penalty.


These Products are excluded from cancellation policies. For these Products NO reimbursement is foreseen. According to article 55, first paragraph, lett. b, of the Consumer Code the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts, such as those relating to Travel Services, for the provision of services relating to accommodation, transport, catering, leisure, when the contract is concluded the professional undertakes to provide these services on a specific date or in a set period.


The ADV, owner of all the rights on the web portal created and created by it, is not responsible in the case of misunderstandings, inconveniences or other non-fulfillment of any kind by the Product Supplier and / or by the Suppliers of the individual tourist services that make up the Product itself. For this reason, the information contained in the data sheets may vary and the ADV does not guarantee, beyond a reasonable verification, the correctness and / or accuracy. The ADV will do its best to promptly update the information contained in the web portal.

In no case, the ADV will be responsible for contractual non-fulfillment of the Suppliers of the Product (s), or for damages, costs, losses of any kind suffered by the Customer and / or third parties deriving from acts and / or omissions of Product Suppliers .

The ADV, under no circumstances, will be liable for delays and / or failure to perform its obligations due to force majeure, meaning any such act, fact and / or circumstance outside its reasonable control.

In exceptional cases and / or for reasons of force majeure that do not allow the complete use of a Product already purchased, the HDV reserves the right to cancel it. By way of example only, the following are considered exceptional cases and force majeure that do not allow the complete use of the Product purchased: natural events (such as disasters, bad weather, floods, high water), strikes, exceptional closures, serious unforeseen events or problems health of those involved in the provision of the service following which it is not possible to find substitutes, hostilities, revolts, acts of terrorism, revolution, acts of any government authority (such as the withdrawal of licenses or authorizations) ), fires, epidemics, explosions, interruption of a utility service (such as gas, electricity, water, telephone), renovations, lock-outs or boycotts, embargoes, siege.

In the event of cancellation of a Product already purchased, the ADV will promptly refund the price paid for it, applying the conditions mentioned above, returning the sum due (in €) to the credit card with which the payment was made.

Withdrawal, Complaints and Refunds

Requests for withdrawal received after the time limit set forth in the Cancellation Policies indicated above will be evaluated at our complete discretion.

There is no reimbursement in the event of a NO-SHOW (lack of attendance at the time and meeting point indicated in the voucher).

Any complaints about the Product booked, where possible, must be addressed by the Customer directly to the Product Supplier. If the Supplier is not able to satisfactorily resolve any problem, the Customer is required to inform the ADV by e-mail as soon as possible and in any case within 20 days from the date of use of the Product. The ADV will not consider complaints sent after this deadline. The ADV will send a confirmation of receipt of the message. A conclusive answer regarding the forwarded complaint, and any request for reimbursement, will be sent after listening to the parties involved (Customer and Supplier) and ascertaining how the facts took place.

Product Information

The Customer can book and purchase, or request the reservation, of Products for individual trips and / or groups.

Products for direct sale

The booking of products for direct sale is considered confirmed at the end of the credit card payment procedure.

The reservation of the Products is subject to availability.

In order to use the purchased Product, the purchase confirmation containing the reservation number (Voucher) must be given to the Supplier. The Voucher is the only recognized document and can be presented in electronic or paper format depending on what is indicated on the same.

Products on request

In order to allow an adequate organization, the purchase of the Products on request (ex: Private or non-direct tours; private transfers; …) must be carried out at least 72 working hours before the Product use date.

The ADV will communicate the acceptance of the booking by sending a confirmation e-mail inviting the Customer to pay by credit card through a procedure protected by a secure line (SSL).

The booking of the Products on request will be considered confirmed at the end of the credit card payment procedure.

In case of non-payment within the indicated terms (at least 72 working hours before the date of use of the Product), the reservation will be automatically canceled. The reservation of the Products is subject to availability.

Product changes

If, following the purchase, the Customer wishes to make changes to the Product / s, he can contact customer support using the ‘Contact Us’ form on the web portal. The ADV will make every reasonable effort to meet the Customer’s requests for variation, but cannot guarantee that such changes can be made.

Special Offers and Restrictions

Special offers are subject to availability. Any restrictions are indicated in the detail of the offer on the Site.


ACTV travel tickets, Museums and City Passes

The voucher contains a PNR code, ie a unique booking code consisting of an alphanumeric series (eg AB12CD3 – the order of numbers and letters is purely illustrative and may be different from the original version).

The PNR is necessary to obtain the actual travel tickets, which can be collected at the special automatic ticket machines indicated in the Voucher, with which you can use the service purchased.

Once the ticket has been withdrawn, the Customer must comply with the “General Transport Conditions” provided by the Supplier, Actv S.p.A.

Once the payment has been made, the reservation can no longer be changed, canceled or refunded.

The validity of travel tickets is indicated online, on the web portal page dedicated to the Product.

Hotel and Holiday Homes

Payment is made by credit card with immediate debit of the entire amount.

The price includes breakfast, except where this is expressly excluded, and taxes, except for any local tax.

Telephone, laundry and mini-bar services are not included, and extras in general must be paid for directly at the hotel.

Bike rental and related tours

The customer must present himself with the relevant voucher and a valid identity document.

Once the check-in has been carried out with the relative collection of the bicycle (s), the Customer must submit to the “General Rental Conditions” provided by the Supplier, Bike Rental Punta Sabbioni.

Payment will be made on site, directly to the supplier, at the end of the service. Once the payment has been made, the reservation can no longer be changed, canceled or refunded.


The Voucher will present a QR Code which is necessary for the client’s embarkation.

The validity of tickets purchased is subject to the shipping company used, it is shown on the voucher.

Once embarked you must submit to the “General Transport Conditions” of the company indicated on the Voucher.


Il Cliente si Presenterà al Custode del Parcheggio Privato esibendo il Voucher della relativa prenotazione.

Copyright and Trademarks

All content on this Website is covered by copyright (Copyright © 2016 De Bortoli Travel All rights reserved). The ADV is not responsible for the content of websites operated by third parties other than L’ADV. The HDV, Auto Moto Parking, Bike Rental Punta Sabbioni, Travel Assistant and the lion logo are all trademarks or registered trademarks of L’ADV. Other products and product brands mentioned on the Website may be trademarks of their respective owners. The images on this website are provided for the sole purpose of being displayed and cannot be saved or downloaded in any format.

If the Customer is aware of a violation of the trademarks, please contact us at info@debortolitravel.com.